Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

Summer 2020 Salesforce release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic thus allowing us to prepare a quick update for all of you with our choice of the most desired changes that will occur for both the lightning and classic environment.

Lightning Experience only

Lightning App Builder Enhancements

  1. Dynamic Forms allows the ability to configure record details fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder, reducing maintenance times and the complexity of having too many page layouts.

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App Guidance Builder

  1. Create prompts and walkthroughs easier and more intuitively with the new In-App Guidance Builder, thus reducing the time spent on records from users while retaining process integrity, with prompts shown as pop ups and walkthroughs displayed on the left hand side of the user screen.

Big Deal alerts

  1. Big deal alerts can now be setup in Lightning. For all out clients that are currently running Professional Edition Salesforce, we can now implement the Big Deal Alert functionality in lightning to notify Management for large deals happening in the ORG, despite workflow rules not being available and limit Process builder resources.


  1. Assign tasks to queues. After 10 years in demand and 11 merged ideas on the topic, Salesforce brought with Summer 2020 the option to allow tasks to be assigned to Queues, thus greatly increasing work sharing productivity.

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Community Enhancement

Lightning Components

5a.            Personalization of navigation menus | tile menus | and CMS collection can be achieved by audience when previously was only available to page variations | branding sets and components.

5b.            Add dynamic SEO properties to your content details pages.

Important information for Salesforce Classic users


  1. Customizable forecasting is retired with a target date of July 2020. But there is always a solution for all ORGs and this is the newest and more improved version Collaborative Forecasts. Please fill free to contact us for advise on the migration.

Territory Management

  1. Original Territory Management will be retired as of Summer 2021. As for Customizable forecasting, Territory Management is also slated for retirement with a target date June 2021 with all ORGs advised to initiate the migration to Enterprise Territory Management the soonest possible. Please fill free to contact us for advise on the migration.

For all those of you with some time to spent and the curiosity to see all the goodies that are coming to an ORG near you, please visit the Salesforce release notes website here or simply download a handy PDF from here.

Summer 2020 release days – July 10th – 18th depending on your Salesforce instance.